A Message From Our President

Welcome to Ridgewood Business Connections (RBC).

Taking over the RBC from its founders presented a challenge of leadership.  Scott Lief and Guy Margolin grew the RBC to over 30 seasoned professionals.  I joined because I was impressed that the members were experienced competent professionals and service providers; entrepreneurs who know how to run their businesses, service the clients and deliver.

RBC is a networking group comprised of professional men and women looking to grow their businesses. We often say that at "Ridgewood Business Connections, you grow your business by helping other's grow theirs".

Of course, the goal of business networking is referrals.  Come to any meeting and you will be impressed by the volume of pertinent referrals given.  As busy professionals we appreciate others respect for our time – we don’t waste time with useless referrals for the sake of numbers or any other useless purposes.

As the second round of leadership our team added “education” as a new goal.  You can not leave every meeting with a referral; and sometimes we have dry spells without referrals.  To help alleviate the void in that period we want members feel that they grew in other way.  Our meetings have a recurring coaching segment that helps with marketing, sales, understanding your customers and processes, etc.  We have guest speakers specializing in areas that improve our business and financial life: from social security strategy to SEO and lead generation.   You will always leave the meeting having learned something or testing assumptions about yourself, your business acumen and your clients.

Each member is vetted for their integrity and professionalism. Business is passed by referral from one member to another. As each member is exclusive to their line of business, we want to be confident that each professional is among the best in their respective industries.

While many other networking organizations merely meet in a town, our group has a larger connection to Ridgewood than our name. Many of our members live and work in the area, making us more community minded than other organizations. We have local Rotarians, members of chambers of commerce and other organizations in our ranks. We support and encourage community outreach.

Need more info? Please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to share our success with you.

Oren Adler, CPA
President 2013-2014

Oren L. Adler, CPA